Understanding Joint Sizes and Terms

Joint Sizes and Shapes

When you are new to glass water pipes the information can be overwhelming, but with a little explanation you will be a glass guru in no time. To determine what size or shape you need for your bowl or downstem is easy because everything in the industry is standard. 

First let’s start with the shape or sex your bowl or down stem are. Male pieces will slide into female pieces. While female pieces will have the male pieces slide into them. In this picture we have the male on the Left which would fit snugly into the female on the right.

Now that you understand the sex/shape of your joints, all you need to know are the sizes. There are typically four main joint variations, 10mm, 14mm, 18mm, and 29mm. The 10mm is for micro pipes and less common than the others. 14mm aka 14.5 which is the actual measurement is a common joint size. 18mm aka 18.8mm which is the actual measurement is another common joint size. 29mm is less common than the others and are usually only seen on larger sturdier water pipes.

If you are unsure of what joint size you have there are simple tricks besides pulling out a ruler. By placing a dime over the hole you can tell if it’s an 18.8mm if it will fall in or a 14.5mm if it fits perfectly around it. A 10mm will be much smaller than a dime.

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