The Different Types of Percolators

Understanding the Different Types of Percolators

There are a variety of different types of percolators each a little different. The main functions of percolators are to filter harmful contaminates in the smoke and to diffuse it, making it less harsh to inhale. Percolators accomplish this by pulling the smoke up through the percolators, diffusing the smoke in different directions give the smoke a larger surface area to contact as much water as possible to cool and filter it before it reaches your mouth.

Honeycomb Percolators

Honeycomb percolators are round discs inside of the water pipe with lots of little holes giving the smoke great diffusion with very little drag. The more holes in the honeycomb the better the diffusion and the easier it will be to clear your water pipe.  This pipe has a double honeycomb percolator from Envy Glass.

Tree Percolators 

Tree percolators have limbs that hang down each help pass the smoke through the water. The more limbs there are the better the diffusion and less drag. Tree percolators are great for what they do but tend to be a bit harder to clean. Medicali makes this tree percolator, they even have double tree percolators for extra smoothness.

Inline Percolators

Inline percolators are the one of the first percolators to come on the scene. The horizontal tube lays across the water pipe with slits in it to diffuse smoke. Inline percolators are great for increased airflow. 

Coil Percolators 

Coil percolators are similar to tree percolators except the limbs are twisted around the center axis. The coils diffuse the smoke into the water. These tend to be smoother longer drags compared to other percolators. 

Matrix Percolators

These round percolators have slits completely around them giving the water pipe a complete 360 degree diffusion into the water.

Turbine Percolators

Turbine or cyclone percolators are special cut glass to force the water and smoke to spin inside the water pipe creating a cyclone like effect. The mixing of the smoke and water produce a smooth drag and a cool effect.

Diffused Downstem 

On simpler pieces there will be a diffused down stem. The smoke travels down the glass tube and expels into the water passing through either slits or holes in the tube.

There is no correct answer when it comes to comparing the different types of percolator bongs; however, this guide should help when it comes to picking out what percolator is right for you. Each percolation method has its pros and cons. Some look much better than others, while others or more practical and easier to clean. Head Shop Headquarters prides itself on being experts in all the products we sell–making us the best online headshop. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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