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HeadshopHQ - Double Barrel Hammerhead Recycler

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HeadshopHQ - Double Barrel Hammerhead Recycler

This unique double barrel hammerhead recycler is a pretty uncommon water pipe. The hammerhead design has its functional purpose too - it works like a recycler, assuring that your vape comes back in a purified and filtered way through the water. Inline percolators filter the vape through its multiple diffusion slits making the vape diffused and smooth. Any unused water goes back to the bottom chamber for more filtration so you have a "circle of life", right inside your bong. High quality 5mm thick glass made in China assures durability of this 8.5'' tall pipe. Highly recommended for oil/legal concentrates dabbing, but works great with dry herbs, too.

Vendor: HeadshopHQ

Type: Dab Rigs

  • 8.5" Height
  • 14mm Joint
  • 5mm Thick Glass
  • Double Barrel Recycler
  • Flared Moutpiece
  • Made in China

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