Dab Rigs

Dab rigs, also called oil rigs, are similar to bongs but are used for dabbing legal waxes and oils instead oh dry herbs.

Although concentrates like oil and wax have been around since the 1960s, dabbing wasn’t popular until much later. Dabbing was referred to as an illegal activity, so people were forced to make their own dab rigs. It was like that until the 2010., when major things lead to the turning point and most of the world accepted dabbing as something normal and acceptable, even “healthier” than regular smoking. This is partly because of all the legalization activities, but also because modern people are increasingly concerned about smoke inhalation and health issues. As more people discovered dabbing, demands for dab rigs went bigger and that lead to a total industrialization in 2012. From that breaking point, dab rigs can be seen and bought around the world.

Dab Rigs: The Oily Years



Dabbing has become very popular nowadays. The difference between dabbing and traditionally smoking out of a glass water pipe is the easier smoking experience. Dabbing is the process by which oils, legal concentrates or waxes are smoked through a vapor rig. It is a simple two-step process:

1) heating the Titanium nail with a torch until it is extremely hot

2) pressing the concentrate on to the nail and inhaling the vape through the mouthpiece of the oil rig

The nail is heated at an extremely high temperature and the concentrate is burned, which means there is no ignition process. The whole process creates vapor instead of smoke, making it smoother and easier for vaping — for the smoker, the concentrate has better flavor, and the concentrate supply lasts longer. The vapor travels through the pipe, with much less filtration than in a water pipe. Actually, this lack of filtration is the main reason for the better and richer flavor of the substance. All dab rigs include a nail and usually, a dome. While not all dab rigs have a dome, the dome of the dab rig aids in containing the smoke before inhaling it.

Play Time with Your Dab Rigs

You can convert your dab rig into a water pipe simply attaching a dry herb bowl on it. This is ideal for smokers who generally prefer dabbing wax and other concentrates, but occasionally want to enjoy a good old, “hit from the bong”. Because of the variety of different shapes and types of joints, be sure that you buy the right size and gender attachment.

Dab rigs are specially cool because of the many accessories that can be used to create an even better and playful smoking experience. Different size and material nails, concentrate jars, dishes, dabber sets, carb caps, quartz bangers are just some accessories with which you can improve your dab rig and experience more. For example: when you decide use a domeless nail, you have to know that you’ve must have a carb cap, as well. After heating up the nail, inserting the carb cap will prevent smoke from going through the nail. A carb cap will help lower the temperature of the smoke, not compromising the quality of taste.


Again, be very careful in buying the right size and gender attachment, because of the variety of different shapes and types of joints, but also, have all the creativity and courage to try something new. Improve your taste and be free to look at the products listed below, choose the right thing, combine it, just for you. For any advice, we are here to help you.

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