Straight tubes are a very efficient way to smoke.They travel straight up the tube with minimal drag and effort on your part. They percolator smoother like a bubbler because they hold less water. They are very quick to clear, which can be either good or bad depending on what you like.

Straight tubes tend to have smaller bases making them more prone to tipping over. 

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Straight Tube Bongs

Grav Labs - 12" Straight Glass Bong with Honeycomb Percolator
Straight Glass Bong with Honeycomb Percolator from Grav Labs This straight glass bong is a pleasure to smoke...
Grav Labs Straight Glass Bong with Honeycomb Percolator Grav Labs created the ultimate daily driver, this bong will always...
UPC - 16" Double Tree Percolator Straight Tube The two tree percolators will be a pleasure to watch...
Grav Labs - 12" Straight Glass Bong with Ice Pinch
Grav Labs - Straight Bong with Ice Pinch If your looking for a simple bong yet effective bong,...
$ 49.95
A classic straight tube staple at an unbeatable price. Vendor: UPC Type: Water Pipe Diffused downstem and ice pinch Premium...
UPC - Straight Tree Percolator Water Pipe Vendor: UPC Type: Bongs Diffused downstem to diffused tree perc with ice pinch....
$ 59.95
A clean, beautiful classic for the every day smoker. Diffused downstem in straight tube to ice pinch 38mm heavy...
Sesh Supply - Straight Tube With Cube Perc
Sesh Supply - Straight Tube With Propeller Perc Offering the best vaping experience, this straight tube contains multiple...
Burner Glassworks - 12.5" Straight Tube with Ice Catcher
Sleek, elegant, and scientific this water pipe will get the job done as well as be a beautiful...
$ 129.99 $ 139.95
$ 109.95 $ 99.95
$ 49.95
$ 69.95
$ 59.99 $ 99.95
$ 49.00
$ 99.99
$ 129.00
$ 39.00
$ 54.00