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Once upon a time, glass was as valuable as gems because of the skill level required to make glass and all the complex work.

The cradle of glassmaking is in Egypt and Mesopotamia, in which glass was molded from molten sand and other naturally occurring ingredients, back in the early 3000 B.C. For the next thousands of years, countries along the Mediterranean Sea have cradled many master glass makers and glassblowing techniques.

The process of glassblowing was extremely difficult in the past, so the glass pieces were small and very expensive, so the main users were mostly aristocrats and priests. Rome is the place where history made a twitch around 30 BC, and glass-molding became glassblowing. The Romans began to shape the glass when it was warm by blowing into it with a blowpipe, and this basic technique is still used by glassblowers today.

Today, glass manufacturing techniques have much evolved since the ancient days of molding. There are plenty innovations on the glass manufacturing field lately, like the use of oxides and sulfides, Pyrex, flame working, or inside-out pipes which all became regular and available in the market. Glass water pipes are now a favorite piece of equipment for smokers and their popularity continues to grow and expand.



Glass pipes, also called hand pipes, are one of the most elegant, classic, old school way to enjoy your dry herbs and tobacco in a pipe, without the use of water. All you need is to pack your goodies and lite it up. Hand pipes are usually small and portable, so in the combination of their form and their ease of use, we got one practical and durable smoking device.

Hand pipes are available in various styles and types, such as chillums, glass blunts, glass spoons, sherlock pipes, steamrollers, gandalfs and much more. We are gonna set a few examples and describe each type.

    A chillum (chilam) is a straight conical shaped pipe with an end-to-end channel. It's main feature is that it doesn't have a carb, chillums are known to have a heavier hit characteristic, and less control over the airflow. It is a perfect portable and discreet hand pipe, because chillums are mostly made in small dimensions. Variation in design and material usage is huge, there are wood, glass and acrylic chillums, in different shapes and sizes even with decal or pattern. Chillums are simple, effective and discreet — just fill it up, light it, and take a draw.
    Like chillums, glass blunts are small in size, but are more complex and functional. Glass blunts are mini sized glass pipes that allow you to smoke a significant amount of dry herbs and tobacco as they remove ash and keep your dry herbs free from scrap. If you are looking for a discreet and effective hand pipe, glass blunt, it is.
    The spoon pipe has a long handle with a bulbous bowl on its end, looking much like a “regular” spoon. There are four main parts of every spoon pipe: a mouthpiece, a bowl, the neck, and a carb. A mouthpiece is a place on the pipe to inhale from, the bowl gives you a place to pack your dry herbs and tobacco. The mouthpiece and the bowl are connected with the neck. The carb is a hole on the side of the bowl that allows the control of airflow. Spoon pipes usually have clever designs and a big display of various colors, but the smoking experience is always the same.
    These pipes are old style Sherlock Holmes pipes, slightly improved and elongated. Sherlock pipes are most synonymous with spoon pipes, as they have a bulbous bowl for dry herbs. Recognizable by a curved neck and mouthpiece, this pipe is much more ergonomic and grip friendly than other pipes. This sherlock pipe is so cool, that even the smoke gets cooler with it. Every smoke session will be investigated properly, with this masterpiece.
    A steamroller looks like a glass tube with a hole on each end. These pipe has a completely straight shape and the carb is located on the opposite end of the mouthpiece, which gives you better overlook while smoking. One of the holes is the mouthpiece, while the other hole is the carb. On the end where the carb is located, there is a dry herb bowl in an angle of 90° to the carb. Steamrollers come in different shapes and sizes, from small to big ones.
    If you are a J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy world fan, prepare yourself for the most fantastic glass pipe in Gandalf style. These hand pipes are named and made after the iconic pipe used by Gandalf The Grey in “Lord Of The Rings” books. Gandalf pipes are recognizable by their elongated, thin style, and are made for dry herbs/tobacco smoking. Let the magic reaches you!



If you're looking for a hand pipe with water filtration, take a better look on the bubblers category. For any questions, be free to ask us or browse our pages.

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