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A chillum (chilam) or one Hitter is a straight conical shaped pipe with an end-to-end channel. Traditionally, chillums are made of clay and history claims that it was invented in India. It is used since the eighteenth century by Hindu monks, known as sadhus. The rest of the world is enjoying the chillum-smoking culture since the mid-1960s. India, thank you for that.

Alfred Dunhill says that Africans have long pipes in chillum style, for smoking dry herbs and tobacco. The Waganda monarch King Mtesa had one of the more famous pipes, an ivory cone pipe, according to historical annals. Uganda, in the other hand, has a large display of conical bowls used as a form of chillum.

Since the 1960s the embellished bamboo chillum has become an American folk art form, often selled on the streets. These pipes are handmade and recall traditional decorated bamboo pipes from Borneo.

Even in past times, people were aware of the benefits of filtering. When smoking a chillum, people inserted a stone in the pipe to keep from directly inhaling scrap, something like a filter that is used in modern pipes. Chillum stones are generally tight-fitting, flat top and conical shaped. Usually, they have a small hole drilled through the center and slits around the sides which allow smoke to pass.



Chillums are fairly straight-forward pipes, very easy to handle with. This characteristic makes chillums great starter pipes for beginners. One of the benefits for newbies is the absence of a carb in chillums. Due to that, chillums are known to have a heavier hit characteristic and less control over the airflow. This means, the bowl in a chillum will burn as long as the flame burns. Traditionally, clay chillums are smoked using a closed fist and positioned between the middle finger and ring finger and best lit at a 45 degree angle to prevent dry herbs from falling out. Easy as that: just load, light and inhale.

Glass is a great material because it doesn’t interfere with the taste of the smoke which makes it great for smoking equipment. It is very easy to clean and maintain after usage.

Smokers have different preferences for the size of the loading end. A larger loading end will allow more product to be loaded, which produces a larger hit. Because there is no carb on the chillum, there is very little control over the airflow. A clever solution for that issue is getting a screen can. Some chillums can only hold enough loading for one hit, while others can support three to four hits.

The two most important features users should carefully consider before buying a chillum, is the size of the mouthpiece and the size of the opening. A small opening will slow down the smoke, and it will take some extra work to pull it through the chillum. Larger openings, in the other hand, will cause the smoke to travel more quickly through the device, but the smoke can be regulated with screens inserted into the mouthpiece. Mouthpieces come in all shapes and sizes, so it is most important to find one that suites you. Screens prevent burned product and scrap from falling into the mouthpiece.



Rastafarians use ritual chillums for reasoning sessions and spiritual sessions. These ritual chillums are made of a cow's horn or a conical wood piece, fitted with a long draw tube. This is giving the smoke time to cool before inhalation.

The Biblical book of Deuteronomy is referring to a bong-like chillum with a water filtration chamber. Praises are offered to Jah before smoking this water equipped chillum, called chalice.

Asia and Eastern Europe associated chillums with spirituality and meditation since long time ago, but the chillum reached popularity in the western culture not until the 20th century. Their popularity grew, not because their spiritual benefits, then because their strong and direct rips. In modern times, chillums are considered a practical and portable hand pipe.


Users of all budget levels are likely to find a chillum they love at a price they can afford, since this type of equipment is one of the fairly inexpensive type ever. Ideal for beginners! For any questions, scroll down and learn, or be free to ask us.

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