420 Sale! Stay up to Date with the Biggest Deals on Marijuana’s Most Celebrated Day

If you’re ready to celebrate 420, we’re right there with you, and we’ve got the goods. In this post, learn about the origin of 420, find the best 420 sales on everything you need to enjoy your cannabis, and get ideas on how to celebrate, consume, and more. (Don’t worry—we didn’t miss the memo. 420 …

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Nucleus Glass

Nucleus Glass is designed in New Jersey with the idea that you can get the best scientific products at affordable prices. They create thick borosilicate bongs, dab rigs, recyclers, as well as other accessories. They have been learning in this industry a while before finally taking the step of creating their own glass brand. Check …

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Grav Labs

Grav Labs Collection Grav Labs is an Austin based Glass manufacturer started in 2004 with a 1 product, The Gravitron. It’s known for the high quality scientific glass pieces, offering a plethora of styles like Stax,Turbine, Upline, Helix and water pipes. Check out our collection of Grav Labs products for sale: Jane West Mint Upright …

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UPC Glass

UPC Glass provides a wide selection of unique, reliable and durable products that are affordable for all customers price ranges. UPC bongs are hand blown in California. We are an authorized seller of UPC products and are happy to help you select the best product for you and your smoke needs. Shop UPC Glass Bestsellers Out …

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How to Store Dabs

With the legalization of cannabis, more people are using dabs, but as it moves from the fringe into the mainstream, more people are becoming interested in dabbing for both health and recreational purposes. We have a blog about the benefits of dabs to explain what dabbing is; as well as how this form of smoking …

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Best Bongs of 2020

Best Bongs 2020 Bongs are one of the oldest and most popular ways tobacco enthusiast’s combust tobacco. Bongs have been used by us for much longer than the 1970’s when they started making a comeback, but have been known to be used since ancient times. The great thing about a bong is that it’s portable, …

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