A glass bubbler (bubbler pipe) is an ideal smoking pipe because it combines the portability of a standard hand pipe and the quality and functionality of a bong. That is the reason why some people refer to them as mini bongs or oil rigs. The smoke in a bubbler goes down the tube in the water, producing smoke-infused bubbles which increases filtration and the smoke is much cooler and smoother for inhale, and also full of the original flavor. This offers a compact size combined with percolation power.

Check Out This Selection of The Best Bubblers

Bubblers 101

The principle of bubber smoking is very similar to bong using: 1) Fill the water chamber with water. You can pour water through any opening, but the easiest way is to use the bowl. 2) Check your water level by putting your thumb over the carb and drawing through the mouthpiece. The water should begin to bubble, which means an optimal water level. 3) Ground up dry herbs in the bowl. 4) Hold the bubbler with one thumb over the carb. Burn the dry herbs and put your mouth to the mouthpiece and start to draw in. When there is enough smoke built up inside the bubbler, remove the thumb from the carb, all the filtered smoke will go out of the bubbler, ready for inhalation.

Science Behind the Bubblers

In general, there are two types of bubblers, a one piece bubbler (hand pipe, spoon bubbler, spubbler), and bubblers with removable bowls (classic bubblers). Spoon bubblers have a horizontal water chamber built into the stem. Spubblers are very compact and transportable. Classic bubblers stand upright, the bowl is directly above the water chamber. They’ve got a classic bongish look. Bubblers use water filtration to give you clean and cooled down smoke. The heat of the smoke disappears as it passes through the water reservoir which makes the smoke much cooler and smoother. But, the waters main role is not just to cool down the smoke, it cleans it, as well. That is because most of the toxins found in smoke will dissolve into the water.

Feel Free to Play

There are huge selections of glass bubblers for both dry tobacco use, but also for oils, concentrates and dry herbs. Bubblers are usually used in a combination with dry herbs or concentrates and oils. Ragarding all the accessories like nails, bowls and domes, having a bubbler means that you can combine all sort of attachments, and turn your bubbler into anything you want and need, in a second. Add a vapor dome and nail, or a domeless nail to your bubbler, and get an awesome oil rig , for enjoying any kind of oils, waxes or concentrates. If you want to change to dried herbs, just pick a male or female herb bowl and attach it to your bubbler, and you are good to do some vaping.


All this different shapes and types… Here are some of our favorites, in the role of presenting each type of bubblers, and what the benefits of those types are:

Sherlock Bubblers

If you like vintage and retro things, this sort of hand pipe will fulfill all your needs. Like we remember from books, and like detective Sherlock Holmes used, these hand pipes have a curved handle leading up to the mouthpiece. There are different shapes and variations, with or without percs, all in thick glass, you just have to investigate it in our web-shop.

Hand Pipe Bubblers

Slightly smaller than sherlock bubblers, these small hand pipes can be transported anywhere. This bubbler is ideal for smokers who enjoy vaping outside. You can find them in many colors and shapes, from clear glass, to worked glass, even wood.

Scientific Bubblers

In this case, it is more functionality over beauty. You can recognize a sci-bubbler by their significant science lab look. It is completely made of clear borosilicate glass and it looks like a bong escaped from a laboratory.

Final Thoughts

Bubblers are ideal for beginners. You can imagine bubblers like mini bongs – a filtration device that cools and filters the smoke through water. Bubblers are just slightly smaller than bongs, but are way easier to use. For any information and questions, be free to take a look at our web-shop or ask us.

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