Glass Bongs

Bongs are the ever-evolving stoner tool. We all love them; they are an essential tool for anyone who likes smoking. 

There is a plethora of designs, shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from. We no longer have to settle for basic bongs that are annoying and tedious to clean or maintain. Since weed is becoming more legal and accessible, and we’re smoking more than we used to, we need bongs with more longevity (or should we say bongevity?). 

Today’s bongs have evolved so much; you can now enjoy your bud’s flavor without the burning sensation that we all hate. Our new glass bongs are designed with your comfort in mind, making sure you enjoy all of the flavor without the heartburn or intense coughing. 

In our store, you’ll find countless bong design options. Try not to settle for the basic designs, and try out our customized bongs so you can enhance your chill-out experience. You can make any bong truly yours by trying to customize it according to your needs and consumption. 

Furthermore, bongs keep getting smaller and more practical. Today, you can get portable and mobile bongs that are exponentially smaller than the ones previous generations used to use. For a quick smoke, try out the smaller options; dab rigs, bubblers, hand pipes, and vaporizers. 

Water pipes, now commonly referred to as glass bongs, have always been used throughout history. In Africa, they blew glass bongs while they used bamboo bongs and pipes in Asia. 

Here at Head Shop Headquarters, we offer you the best and most practical designs to enhance your smoking experience and make sure you get the best out of your purchase.

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