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Bong Terminology: A Head Shop Reference Guide

If you are a beginner, trying to purchase your first bong, pipe, bubbler, or dab rig, figuring out all the lingo can get confusing. Here is a list of every term you might run across during your purchasing process. We will break it up into sections for easier digestion. Parts and accessories of bongs: 45 degree joint: This is the angle to downstem protrudes from the piece. 90 degree joint: This usually only pertains to stemless joints where the stem is attached to the piece instead of being removable. Ash catcher/precooler: This is an attachment that goes on the end...

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Head Shop Headquarters now accepts bitcoin!

Proudly accepting Bitcoin  Head Shop Headquarters is proud to offer its customers with the option to pay with bitcoin. Bitcoin is a decentralized P2P currency that allows for instant transactions. Use Bitcoin to purchase water pipes, bubblers, pipes and dab rigs. We are offering an extra 5% off your purchase if you use bitcoin at checkout!   What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a peer to peer digital currency that operates without a central authority or banks. No one owns or controls bitcoin. Bitcoin is instant, low fees, and can be used anywhere in the world.   How do I get...

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Understanding Joint Sizes and Terms

 Joint Sizes and Shapes When you are new to glass water pipes the information can be overwhelming, but with a little explanation you will be a glass guru in no time. To determine what size or shape you need for your bowl or downstem is easy because everything in the industry is standard. Also, if you plan on using hemp CBD oil, please read up on the guides and procedures first. First let’s start with the shape or sex your bowl or down stem are. Male pieces will slide into female pieces. While female pieces will have the male pieces...

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The Different Types of Percolators

bongs online glass bongs glass bubblers online head shop percolators

Understanding the Different Types of Percolators There are a variety of different types of percolators each a little different. The main functions of percolators are to filter harmful contaminates in the smoke and to diffuse it, making it less harsh to inhale. Percolators accomplish this by pulling the smoke up through the percolators, diffusing the smoke in different directions give the smoke a larger surface area to contact as much water as possible to cool and filter it before it reaches your mouth. Honeycomb Percolators Honeycomb percolators are round discs inside of the water pipe with lots of little holes...

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