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What is a Chillum?

While chillum pipes have been around for hundreds of years, it has just been in the last few that these have become incredibly trendy. Whether your friends prefer chillums because they provide ease of use, or they just look cool, the rising trend can’t be ignored. Whether you are here to learn how to smoke a chillum, or you already know which one you want and you just need to choose from the best selection online, Head Shop Headquarters has you covered.   What is a Chillum?  A chillum is a slender like pipe without a carb hole on the...

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What is a Head Shop?

What is a head shop? It’s not what you think. Yes, you’re not wrong in saying that a head shop is just a store—this is a magical store unlike any other. This type of store specializes mostly in selling drug-related paraphernalia. The term – head shop – has its origins in the 1910s. Back then, just as is the case today, head shop was used in reference to shops that sell cannabis-related stuff or accessories. Supplies Available at Early Head Shops Some of the supplies you can buy from any head shop include: Water pipes Rolling papers Psychedelic visual aids...

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Huge 420 Sale!

Its that time of year again, and we are back with another Huge sale.  Everything in our store will be 25% off with code “420”.  Starting now until April 30th at 11.59PM. Now’s the time to treat yourself to a new bong, dab rig, pipe or bubbler. Make this 420 a special one with a brand new piece to show off to your friends. Not sure what to get? Check out our sale page for even crazier discounts. Shop for popular brands like Grav Labs, Medicali, UPC and Envy.   We always offer free shipping and no tax. If you...

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Best Glass Pipes

Whether you prefer a pipe because of the conveniences that it allows for travel, you like looking at the colors as you use it, or just prefer the feel of glass fully encompassed in your hand, there really is something truly special about smoking from a glass pipe. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best glass pipes available for purchase online and brought them to you here, at Head Shop Headquarters. Here they are all in one place for easy, discreet browsing. Why Use Glass Pipes? You may be asking yourself, “If you sell bongs and pipes, why would I...

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Best Percolator Bongs

At Head Shop Headquarters, we are not only known for our superior products, Free Shipping, and our Price Match Guarantee, but as experts in our field. To us, selling bongs and glass pipes isn’t just about moving inventory, it is about ensuring that each customer gets the product that best suits them. That’s why we have a wide variety of products, to make sure that you—the customer—has all the information they need before making a purchase. …and if you don’t care about any of this and you just want to jump straight to our reviews of the best Percolator Bongs,...

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