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News — Rolling Papers

What is Rolling Paper?

rolling papers

Rolling paper is needed to make the kind of cigarette that does not burn too fast, and does not easily fall apart. What is rolling paper? It is simply the extra-thin paper that is wrapped around the tobacco in a cigarette, usually the white part. One end usually has the filter, marked by thicker brown paper. Does the Kind of Rolling Paper Matter? The kind of rolling paper matters to the experience you have with your cigarette. If you buy factory-made cigarettes, you can tell the cheaper alternatives by how fast they burn or fall apart. If you roll your...

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What Does OCB Stand For?

Rolling Papers

You keep hearing about OCB...but why? Why do your friends keep talking about "how great OCB is"? Here's what you need to know about OCB, and what it stands for.  OCB Rolling Papers is a brand famous for 100 years of quality cigarette papers. Its history is unique, and uniquely tied to the excellence that makes it a quality brand. To know this brand better, and make better choices on rolling papers, it’s time to ask, “What does OCB stand for?” What does OCB stand for? OCB stands for Odet-Cascadec-Bolloré. The letter O for Odet comes from the Odet River,...

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