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Bubbler vs Bong: Knowing What's Best for Your Smoking Needs

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Non-smokers probably have no clue what the difference between bubbler vs bong is. Well, in all fairness, plenty of smokers have no clue either. Many people buy one or the other simply because they have seen their friends using it -- or because they think bubblers look cooler. When push comes to shove, and you ask what convinced any smoker to choose one over the other, you’re likely to get few accurate answers. But, it’s fair to say that most smokers don't know all the differences between these two smoking devices. Below are highlights of the differences, and some similarities, between...

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The Different Types of Percolators

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Understanding the Different Types of Percolators There are a variety of different types of percolators each a little different. The main functions of percolators are to filter harmful contaminates in the smoke and to diffuse it, making it less harsh to inhale. Percolators accomplish this by pulling the smoke up through the percolators, diffusing the smoke in different directions give the smoke a larger surface area to contact as much water as possible to cool and filter it before it reaches your mouth. Honeycomb Percolators Honeycomb percolators are round discs inside of the water pipe with lots of little holes...

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