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We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best experience possible. We also enjoy when our customers write amazing reviews on their experience with us. Here is one of our favorites from Aaron. 

First and foremost this was my first time ever ordering from you guys, and after seeing your pricing I wasn't sure you guys were even legit.  So I went ahead and took a chance and placed a small test order. Now that I received the package, I can give my full feedback on the experience.  So I'll just rank your outfit in several key areas written below....
1.)  Website accessibility:   5/5   Awesome website to navigate.  Excellent pics, and descriptions.
2.)  Communication:   5/5  Perfect as I received instant emails at every step of the ordering, and shipping process.
3.) Shipping:  5/5   Free shipping is awesome. The order shipped as fast as was possible, and you provided the very important tracking details once it ships.  All items were packaged very well and secure.  Lastly it was very stealthy.
4.)  Pricing:  5/5  Unbeatable prices on most stuff you carry in your inventory....please don't go up in price now that I give honest feedback in regards to this, but your prices really sold me! 
5.)  Quality of product:  5/5  I was totally shocked to see such an amazingly high quality product at such a fantastic price.  The quality along with your price is going to be keeping me coming back to you guys for many more orders in the future.  
Look forward to making another order with you guys asap, and really appreciate you doing such a good job on my first.
Thanks again,
Thanks for the stellar Review Aaron! 
  • Dec 13, 2016
  • Category: News
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