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How to choose the right vaporizer for you

How to choose the right vaporizer for you By Dee Doyle   There’s a lot to consider before investing in a vaporizer, or a vape as they’re called for short: the size of the oven, how it’s heated, how much flexibility there is when controlling temperature, its size and of course, price point. Weighing your needs against the huge array of products on the market can be confusing.   That’s why we rounded up five of our favourites for various personalities — to make it easier for you to choose the right vaporizer for you.   For the trend-setter: the...

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Best Bongs of 2018

Best Bongs 2018 Bongs are one of the oldest and most popular ways tobacco enthusiast’s combust tobacco. Bongs have been used by us for much longer than the 1970's when they started making a comeback, but have been known to be used since ancient times.  The great thing about a bong is that it’s portable, easy to handle and is an efficient way to consume tobacco. The main benefit of a bong is that usually hot smoke is cooled through the water before being inhaled and therefore provides a cooler smoother smoke.  Glass bongs are probably the most popular bongs...

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The History of the Bong

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How to Season a Titanium Nail

Dab Rigs

Just bought your first vapor dab rig and want to know the best way to use and take care of it? Here we’ll show you a few ways so you know how to season a titanium nail. What is a Titanium Nail? A titanium nail is that part of your vape or vapor rig that heats the oil or concentrate that you dab onto it. Why Should You Season Your Titanium Nail? The first time you use your rig, the titanium nail has never been used before to heat a dab. This means it is absolutely brand new, and may...

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What is Rolling Paper?

rolling papers

Rolling paper is needed to make the kind of cigarette that does not burn too fast, and does not easily fall apart. What is rolling paper? It is simply the extra-thin paper that is wrapped around the tobacco in a cigarette, usually the white part. One end usually has the filter, marked by thicker brown paper. Does the Kind of Rolling Paper Matter? The kind of rolling paper matters to the experience you have with your cigarette. If you buy factory-made cigarettes, you can tell the cheaper alternatives by how fast they burn or fall apart. If you roll your...

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